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I owe you an explanation.

Hello Fam,

How are you doing today? Thanks for reading.

You might have noticed I have been making posts with Spiritual (Christian) connotations. You might ask yourself why someone like me will be posting such messages. Would it not be easier, and more beneficial for me to make the kind of posts which will be more “Beneficial” for me? At 22 years, it’s a really huge task. That task consists in sharing the Word of GOD and His SON Jesus Christ.

My role is to serve people with Interesting, New and cool Spiritual/Mental stuff for good.
It is to make people love critical thinking. My goal is to serve God. This is a period where God is tired of Christians who don’t critical think and analyze the number of Today’s False Prophets at the service of Mammon and the Influence of “Self” in the world today.
To obey, I must go to the world and “Fish” these People. Through the quality of life, the impact and influence I make in the Community.  opportunity met “Emptiness”. The Holy Spirit got awakened one day after the other. And now, the Lord has set the reactor

When the Word came to me, opportunity met unpreparedness. The Holy Spirit took control one day after the other. And now, the Lord has set permitted I set the mission in motion.

Brothers and sisters, excuse me for the frank tone which might have sounded to some as pride. It is in no way a means of boasting. All I can ever boast about is Jesus Christ because He is the Way, the role model and best Counsellor any Creature can have.

Take this writing as a summary of my Mission.

If you have reached this section of this Article, I would like to commend and celebrate your thirst for wisdom, Thank You. Understand today that nothing can come to your hearing that was not meant for you. GOD is saying something.
Take this as a journey we are taking on as a family discovering God and living the way He wants us to live.
I am far from being a Perfect Work of God, but I praise God we are getting there.

I pray you have a Happy, healthy, and wealthy life as we keep in touch with Grace.

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God Bless You Fam.


About Steve Palatedjo

ServantsToday - Social Architecture - Personal Development. I share on Leadership, Education, Community Matters, Christianity. I'm passioned by exploring how to make Cameroon, Africa, and the World Better. (I write sometimes in French, but mostly in English) Worshipping GOD || At your Service


One thought on “I owe you an explanation.

  1. The televangelists who serve Mammon and enlist others in the pursuit of worldly gain describe God as a vending machine to their followers. Into the machine go requests for anything one desires (plus a hefty donation to the televangelist of choice). Out come buckets of money for the faithful. When that approach fails (and only the televangelist grows rich), blame the followers’ for their lack of faith.

    God realizes that we must support ourselves. But this view of Him is not only inadequate, it is sacrilegious.

    Thank you for helping to spread the truth.


    Posted by Anna Waldherr | June 13, 2017, 4:30 pm

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