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Get Smart I: READ

 Karl Marx had a thought, “Das Kapital” carried it. Jesus Christ had a thought, recorded in “the Gospel”. “The Prohet” Mohammed, Rousseau, Confucius, Socrates, Buddha, Einstein, Nietzsche, were all Thinkers and all those thoughts one way or the other have found their way into books.

 That says a lot about books! Books have the ability to project you thousands of years into the past and as is known: “We study the past to learn from past experiences”. That means the greater the number of books you read, the more experiences you learn, and the SMARTER you GET.

 Drop your phone, get off your PCs, leave the club early today, while on your way to work in a taxi, in a train, while waiting to catch your plane, at the hospital waiting room, grab a book. Explore the world, navigate through the past, present, and future without leaving your chair.


About Steve Palatedjo

ServantsToday - Social Architecture - Personal Development. I share on Leadership, Education, Community Matters, Christianity. I'm passioned by exploring how to make Cameroon, Africa, and the World Better. (I write sometimes in French, but mostly in English) Worshipping GOD || At your Service



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